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Topics: Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, Nonviolence, Stokely Carmichael Pages: 9 (2485 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Name:_________________________________ US History 2 April 7, 2010 CIVIL RIGHTS DBQ (Document Based Question) Essay

The Civil Rights Movement is understood as the collected efforts of many different groups and individuals struggling to achieve justice and equal treatment for all Americans. Several events shaped the time period, particularly those that either showed the extent of injustice and unfair or violent treatment, as well as took direct action against injustice. Additionally, significant events were those where Civil Rights leaders could celebrate a concrete victory, such as a court decision or a change in law. Moreover, the organizing principles and philosophies of the movement changed as different leaders and organizations sought different outcomes through different means. Taken together, the documents below are illustrations of some of the major events from the Civil Rights movement, but should not limit your discussion. Your task is to evaluate the impact of three major events or movements within the Civil Rights Movement in terms of the changes that they effected.


GRADING: Your essay will be evaluated based on its strength in the following categories.

|Thesis and Introduction |0 to 10 |Introduction hooks the reader, and provides excellent context for the essay. | | | |A clear thesis statement responds to the prompt and is located in the introductory paragraph. | | | |The thesis is developed thoroughly throughout the essay. | |Evidence |0 to 20 |Each topic sentence is supported by strong evidence, with at least three well developed pieces of | | | |evidence per body paragraph. | | | |Evidence supports the thesis and overall argument, are of high quality, and are cited | | | |appropriately. | | | |Writer has effectively integrated information and evidence from the documents and properly cited | | | |the documents. | |Analysis |0 to 20 |The essay is highly readable and works to convince the reader to support the writer’s analysis | | | |through clear explanation. | | | |There is a thorough discussion of the historical context. | | | |Effectively addresses or answers opposing perspective | | | |The analysis is sequenced logically and convincingly | |Mechanics/ |0 to 10 |Student has proofread the document and it is formatted correctly | |Citations/ | |There are minimal grammatical errors | |Grammar | |Excellent sequencing, transitions and conclusion | | | |Essay is typed and follows standard citation format...

Citations: | | |Essay is typed and follows standard citation format |
DOCUMENT 1: The Fifteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, 1870
DOCUMENT 2: Voter Registration Rates in Selected Southern States, 1965
|State |Percentage of Voting Age African-Americans |Percentage of Voting Age Whites registered to |
DOCUMENT 6: U.S. Congress, Civil Rights Act, federal law, 1964.
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