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Topics: Islam, Christianity, Muhammad Pages: 3 (896 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Jacob Wassily
Mr. Zucker
AP World History, Period 1
19 December 2014
Christianity and Islam
Christians and Muslims both taught merchants that trade should be based on honesty and fairness. Over time, Christian and Muslim merchants began to drift away from the principle of fair trade and became greedy. While Islam strongly promoted trade, Christianity warns the people to be disconnected from riches.

Documents 2 and 4 can be grouped together because they both express that Islam and Christianity teach that merchants should be honest to everyone as derived from the holy books. In document 2, which can be found in the Qur’an, states that if a Muslim merchant is honest, he will be considered a martyr on the Day of Judgment. The Qur’an also preaches not to be deceitful in measurements and trading should be on mutual agreement. Whoever doesn’t follow Qur’an’s teaching will be punished and considered a cheater. The main point that this document conveys is that for merchants to be good Muslims in the eyes of Allah, they must be fair traders. In document 4 it is stated that no man should sell an item for a higher price than its worth. The main point that this document makes is that merchants should treat others the way they wish to be treated. The main argument that document 4 conveys is that merchants should still follow the Golden Rule of the bible, which is treat others the way one wants to be treated. Document 2 is taken straight out of the Muslim Qur’an, and was written at around 635 C.E. Muhammad preached this to a community that might have been facing a problem of honesty. It is important that know that Muhammad said this because he came from a dessert context, where if one didn’t make enough money he and his family would have a hard time surviving due to the unfavorable weather conditions of the desert. The significance that this document poses is that it was taken directly from the Qur’an, which all Muslims must follow. This means that all the merchants...
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