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Topics: United States Constitution, United States, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: February 15, 2010
AP US History Essay #7

Early America had no set boundaries, there were no rules to go by, there was nothing to follow. Al l the rules, laws, codes, and bills that our forefathers created were created purely from their imagination and intellectual talents. There was no previous US nation to look back on for guidance. As a result of this, it is not unreasonable to have expected plenty of disagreements in domestic and foreign affairs. These domestic and foreign affairs would completely shape the politics in the early 1790s. Was one to support the British or the French? What kind of taxes should be imposed? How should the Constitution be interpreted? These are just a few of the questions that led to the shaping of American politics in the 1790s.

In the United States, there was a plentiful amount of domestic affairs. A good example is the Bank of America. The idea was first set forth by Alexander Hamilton and it wasn’t really accepted. Those that accepted it and those that did not were separated by great measures. The Bank of America can be tied into the domestic affair of how to interpret the constitution. Those that approved usually had a loosened sense of the Constitution and saw it as the Constitution didn’t NOT allow a bank so there should be no reason to not create one. On the other hand, there were those that looked at the Constitution is a very strict sense. If it wasn’t included, it shouldn’t be done. These differences would begin to shape the politics in the United States into the democratic-republicans and the federalists.

There was a good amount of differences in domestic affairs, but foreign affairs proved even more difficult to handle. One of the biggest controversies in politics at the time was who to trust outside of the United States. Some wanted to trust the Brits while others looked to France for guidance. The French had saved us and the British were the ones that imprisoned us. This affair split politics into the Republicans, French...
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