DBQ Apeh Women In Sci Rev

Topics: Woman, Science, Scientific method Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: December 18, 2014
Sydni Xie
Period 3

During the scientific revolution the views of women in science varied, these opinions were based on personal experiences or sometimes just pure ignorance. Some believed that women were fully capable and should be able to practice the sciences, others agreed that they were capable, but that they shouldn’t be able to do science. Whereas, some people believed that women weren’t capable and shouldn’t practice sciences. People such as Marie Meurdrac from document 2 supported the idea that women can and should pursue the sciences, stating “that minds have no sex and that is the minds of women were cultivated like those of men, they would be equal.” Her booked called “Chemistry Simplified for Women” shows that she was trying to encourage everyday women to also dive into the subject of science. Also supporting how women are both capable and should do science is in document 4, where Johannes Hevelius works alongside with his wife in astronomical research using a sextant. His view on women engaged in science is most likely altered due to the fact he works in such close relation with his wife, therefore he would fully encourage and support her studies. This would also be the reason for the opinion of Gottfried Kirch from document 6. Kirch gave full credit to his wife for the finding of a comet, which shows his understanding of her capabilities. Even though some men and women believed women could be just as educated as men, they were often not credited or shunned out from their studies.

According to document 1 by Johann Eberti, he understood his wife’s pursuit of astronomical speculation, but he didn’t encourage her. This was due to her devotion of her studies, she would stay up all night and then sleep all day, which then causes her to neglect doing her household duties she was expected to complete. Women weren’t usually encouraged to engage into studies even though places such as the Academy of sciences in Berlin, knew that women could perform at...
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