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Topics: New England, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Although New England And The Chesapeake Region Were Both Settled Largely By People Of English Origin, By 1700 The Regions Had Evolved Into Two Distinct Societies. Why Did This Difference In Development Occur? The settlers of the New England and Chesapeake region came from the same origin,but by 1700 their social, economical, and political differences led them in two different directions. People began to adapt to their regions and looked for ways to survive and benefit from the geography they lived in. The Chesapeake region of the colonies included Virginia, Maryland, the New Jerseys (both East and West) and Pennsylvania. New England was north of the Chesapeake, and included Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Haven (which soon became part of Connecticut). In New England, the population was English and white, with the Church established. In the Chesapeake,the population was a majority black-slaves, plantation owners relied on the cheap labor slaves or indentured servants provided. Slave trade became a leading industry. The Chesapeake settlers had a difficult time surviving. Many settlers died from diseases such as malaria, dysentery, and typhoid. Life expectancy for the Chesapeake settlers was very low, and Women were very rare. and men often fought over them. As time past the settlers became imune to the diseases. The settelers in New England didn’t have to worry about disease because clean water and cooler temperatures. New Englanders migrated as families, and family was the source of New England life. This contributed to the difference between the Chesapeake region and the New England region. New England was a family orientated colony (doc b) . Most of the people on the ship heading to New england were familys and this showed that the Massachuettes Bay colony was a stable , well ordered and well planned colony. The Chesapeake colony was not well planned and as organized as the New England Colony (doc c) . The emigrant list...
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