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AP American History
DBQ Essay

To what extent had the colonists developed a sense of identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution?

Over time, the colonists in America were developing a separate and unique identity for themselves. Even though they were colonists and most were of European descent, they didn’t call themselves Europeans or colonists anymore. They called themselves Americans. As Americans, they wanted to be independent, and the needs of the colonies required unity. This sense of a separate identity and unity ultimately led to the Revolution.

The illustration on Document A, was a way of trying to get the colonies together in unity in 1754. The idea of "Join or die." didn’t exactly work but some 20 years later unification came about when the colonists realized that they needed to unite and identify with each other. This idea progressed, and came about. Many Americans believed that if they were not free from British rule, they would "die." This is shown in the flag in Document A. It shows a dead snake cut into many pieces, which represent the colonies. The idea expressed is that if Americans did not join together and fight for freedom, then the colonies would be separated and would die. The British didn’t handle things all that well to prevent the colonies from uniting and actually gave them reasons to band together, such as the Stamp Act, Quartering Act and the Tea Act and what was known as the intolerable acts. Ultimately it led to the American Revolution. In 1774, Boston had a tea party to protest the tax on tea by the British. The British reacted to the Boston Tea Party by closing the port in Boston. The people there were unable to obtain many supplies and goods. A show of unity of Americans was displayed. People throughout the colonies donated items to the needy people in Boston. Boston received a small flock of sheep, 3000 bushels of grain, 300-400 bushels of Indian corn and rye, "subscription for the relief of...
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