Topics: Ötzi the Iceman, Death, Wood Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: October 14, 2014
World HistoryName:
Unit 1Date: 9/1/13

Please complete the following questions using the link below from YouTube Archaeology In Focus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA3AiNup7fY&feature=related

1. Who was this man? Where was he from, What caused his death? When did he live? Why was he in the mountains? This was Otzi the Ice Man because of the location in which he was found. He was from Feldthurns, Italy. He died because he had been shot with an arrow in his shoulder and I assume that he bled out in the mounatins. He lived in 3,000 B.C. and he was in the mountains because he may have been trading with locals which explains why he was carrying so many supplies. Maybe he wanted to get to the other side or maybe even both.

2. What have we learned about him?
He was approximately 5’ 2” and his teeth were worn down from a diet of course grain. His hair had recently been cut before his death. He died from an arrow in his shoulder where he most likely bled out. Scientists had thought he died from the altitude of the mountains, but after careful examination discovered the real reason. There was smoke in his lungs from countless campfires and tattoos around his body. After looking at his hands and nails they learned that he endured lots of manual labor.

3. Make a list of some of the items (artifacts) he carried with him, and what did we learn from them? A copper axe (with the wooden handle which gave scientists new knowledge), a yew wood bow made with fats and deer skin quiver with fourteen wooden arrows. A kit for making tools and a kit for starting fires, a leather belt around his waist, a knife (made from flint, yew wood for the handle and its own sheath that was made from woven grass fibers) He had a full wardrobe of leather leggings, a grass cloak and shoes. We learned how advanced Otzi was and the extent of his clothing and armory.

4. What issues surround him?
What was he doing that got him shot? Was he a villainous person...
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