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Arguments in favor of a Renaissance education:
Renaissance education taught people how to be innovative. Renaissance education had people multi-tasking and doing different activities. You could know how to do different activities and be multi-talented it would help you later in life. Arguments in favor of a specialized education

Specialized education teaches you in one certain field of what you want to do in life. You get specialized in one thing so i doesn’t become too overwhelming for you. You would become really good at what your specialized in because you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

Personal Opinion: Education has been too specialized by teaching people to do only one thing. What they get specialized in is what they are going to do their whole life so we get educated in what we want to get specialized in.

Background Essay Questions
Renaissance means rebirth. During the Renaissance of the 1400s-1700s there were a lot of artists and people were looking back at humanism The Middle Ages were dark, there was violence, there was agriculture, people were very religious. People started to make inventions which lead to education people were people started to learn math and science.

Document A
The first artist is Duccio di Buoninsegna and it was printed in the late 1200s. The second artist is Leonardo da Vinci and was printed in the early 1500s. The Mona Lisa is a Renaissance painting.

The first painting is Religious. The second painting is more realistic. The paintings were painted during different times one is Renaissance the other is Medieval. The two paintings show that, during the Renaissance, a man’s view of man was changing by painting more realistic and being more colorful. Document B

Everyman is all of the people that follow God.
He starts to think sin is more serious.
The Heaven-King is God and the “general reckoning” is the judgment of what is going to happen to a person What Shakespeare means that man is a piece of art that God created. Some of man’s qualities according to Shakespeare is man is noble in reason, infinite in faculty.

Document C
Everything revolves around the earth. The sun is past the moon, Mercury, and Venus. Everything revolves around the sun.
It might of upset the church because it was a new idea.
It changed by people become more smart and started to study the universe

Document D
The second drawing is more realistic because it shows the muscles and bones. The zodiacs were what believed to control your body and health. He might of thought that is was ridiculous.
Vesalius dissected human bodies.
Man’s view changed how we look at our body and be more realistic to as how it works.

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