Dbq: 19th and 20th Centuries

Topics: United States, Monroe Doctrine, Cold War Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: February 16, 2010
Around the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, America was at its peak of power. We were and still are a strong social, economic and political nation. It was because of this that America had become obsessed with expansion. Even after we expanded as far west as our boarders would allow; we still needed more land. The United States needed to expand overseas. The only way we could do this was through an imperialistic beginning. Along with our obsession with expansion, America is obsessed with money, the idea of manifest destiny, and-to some extent-national security. In order to obtain these desires, we, the United States, will do just about anything if need be.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, America realized we needed to expand overseas. The only way to do that was through an imperialistic beginning. Imperialism is the control or influence of a weaker nation by a stronger nation. Why have an imperialistic beginning? We are obsessed with money, national security, and manifest destiny. Countries such as Asia, Mexico, and Cuba created opportunities for a stronger and bigger nation. Thomas Nast’s cartoon called “The World’s Plunderers” depicts Britain, Russia and Germany expanding their countries. They are taking pieces of the world and putting them into their grab bags. This shows how countries around the world were trying to gain as much territory as they could while it was available without fighting for it. This got America thinking, they are getting a good deal so why shouldn’t we?

Economics play a big part in imperialism. In order to expand our country, there was a need for raw materials, a need for overseas markets and surplus capital. This sent American investors across the world in search of just that. Asia, the Philippines, and Hawaii turned out to be great sources for all three. Investors moved into Asia when they realized that it could be a potential gold mine. This lead to what was known as the “Open Door Policy”...
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