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Topics: Orlando, Florida, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida Pages: 3 (533 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Purpose Statement: To present information on Daytona Beach Florida and surrounding attractions.

Central Idea: To give basic facts about Daytona Beach and inform of local attractions.


Florida is a great state to visit and an even better state to live in. I would like to tell you about an area that I lived in in the 90’s. Daytona Beach and some of the great attractions that are nearby.

I. Some famous people that call the Daytona Beach area their home.

A. John Travolta and Kelly Preston call Spruce Creek Fly-In Community their home. Spruce Creek Fly-In is a small suburb of Daytona Beach and boasts homes that you can fly your personal planes in and out of. John and Kelly are also very active in helping the community of Daytona and were married at the Volusia County Courthouse located in Daytona.

B. Ron Rice, the founder and owner of Hawaiian Tropic sun tanning oils also considers Daytona a home base not only for his personal

home but also a large Hawaiian Tropic Headquarters.

Transition: Besides Daytona being home to famous citizens, it

also has many attractions and events in this city and more great

attractions close by.

II. There are also many attractions that appeal to all ages.

A. Daytona Beach itself has the boardwalk which features

indoor and outdoor rides and amusements day or night and

also offering premier entertainment. The International

Speedway plays host to one of the biggest NASCAR races in

February, the Daytona 500. Main St. In Daytona is famous for

many things, but one of my favorites would be the infamous

bike week. Motorcyclists from all over the world descend

upon Daytona for this week long event.

B. Ponce De Leon Lighthouse is located ten miles south of

Daytona Beach in the town of Ponce Inlet. The Ponce Inlet

Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Florida and one of the

tallest masonry lighthouses in the...
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