Daycare Versus in Home Daycare

Topics: Need, Want, Day care Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: September 10, 2011
Daycare Center
In Home Daycare
Written By: Christine Totten
English Composition 121
July 2, 2011

Many people have their own theory on childcare and that it can depend on the needs of the child. However there are several other factors that need to be considered when choosing to send your child and/or children to either a public or private daycare versus an in home daycare. First there is the cost. The tuition at a daycare center is typically higher than the cost of an in home daycare. Another factor to consider is the type of care that you want and/or need your child to receive. There are several different things to consider in this aspect; social skills that need to be developed, schedules that your child will need to follow, attention to paid directly to your child, the idea of younger children being able to interact with older children. So many factors go into the type of care that you want and/or need for your child. Making the decision to put your child/children into daycare is a major decision in itself, to have to choose between a daycare center and an in home daycare makes the decision even harder. The tuition cost of a daycare center can be pretty steep especially when you are putting more than one child into the equation. I currently work at a daycare in the suburbs of Chicago and the tuition for an infant in 2011 is $274 a week, and that rate does not go down until the child turns two years of age. (With the center that I work at, the parents only provide the diapers, the formula and/or breast milk and a blanket for the crib the center will provide everything else.) The items needed to be brought will usually be the same with most centers (at least in Illinois) Most centers within the Chicago land suburbs are typically right within that price range maybe a $20 to $30 difference but that is about it. Now you can also consider a corporate run daycare center like a Bright Horizons, Kindercare, Goddard or a La Petite you can...
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