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Choosing a daycare center for your child is a big task and a stressful one for many parents and their children. There are many options for daycare, one can be a daycare center or as a home day care center. However, it truly is worth the effort to find that home away from home so your child will feel comfortable while you are away. Generally, daycare centers are required to have more licenses and the state checks up on them much more often than in home daycare centers. Although, childcare centers are great learning environments, many parents are using home daycare centers for caring for their children due to the home away from home atmosphere along with the lower cost. This means the daycare center will be required to stay on top of all requirements and will rarely fall behind. Another benefit is daycare centers generally have low teacher to child ratios, about 1:4 sometimes more and sometimes less. You will need to ask what the child to teacher ratio is at a particular daycare you are considering. Daycare centers also have children separated by ages. Some parents see this as a pro while others see it as a con. If you want your child in age specific groups with age specific toys then this is a pro. If you want your child mingling will all the different ages and interacting with different levels of stimulation you might find this to be a con. Daycare centers also require higher education levels for their teaches than home based daycare centers. This is the case most of the time, but not always so make sure you check. Also, daycare centers generally have multiple teachers. A con is at daycare sickness spreads like wildfire and kids get sick all the time. Your child might get sick once every month just from attending daycare. Another drawback is that at daycare centers teachers may quit and leave your child attached and upset. Home Daycare

There are also plenty of advantages and disadvantages of home daycare. Generally, the owner of the daycare is the main...
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