Day of the Swallows

Topics: Love, Human, Plays Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: May 5, 2002
"The Day of the Swallows"
I found this play to be beautifully written and yet, unusual and different to the rest of the play we have read. The storyline was really captivating and it spoke about a topic that is usually shunned by the Latino community.

Josefa is a powerful character, a lesbian and a character that exposes the passions that lay inside human beings. Josefa is loved and admired by the entire town. She is thought of as an angel that gives light and beauty. Alysea is a young woman that Josefa one day saved from being forced into prostitution. Since that day Alysea has lived in Josefa's home and has felt it more so as her sanctuary than as her home. Alsea was every grateful to Josefa and in need of affection accepted Josefa's attention, touch, love and caresses much so that she became her lover. Until one night David who worked at Josefa's house discovered them. Josefa at of fear he would disclose what he saw, cut off his tongue. This made Alysea realize that the acts that went on between her and Josefa were not alright the eyes of man and therefore, she went away with Eduardo; her admirer. Josefa broke down and confessed her every sin to the father and then dressed in white on the day of the swallows she drowned in the lake near her house.

I really like how beautifully written the play was and yet, it was full of suspense and surprises. Josefa was no doubt a powerful character and her talent was not only her calm serenity but also the wild and yearning in her heart and body. Her yearning was forbidden and her death was a sacrifice for that yearning in her and in many others. Her death was to give them light and guidance, the light and guidance her swallows bestowed on her.
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