day of the dead

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The Day of the Dead is a traditional holiday celebrated in Mexico. Unlike in the United States it lasts for three days with parades and food offering. It starts on October 31st (at midnight) and lasts until November 2nd. In some ways the Day of the Dead and Halloween are same and they are different in others. The differences between the Day of the Dead and Halloween varies to a lot of things. A main fact that most peope know is that Halloween lasts for one day and The day of the dead last for three days. Another fact is that Day of the Dead originates from an Aztec festival dedicated to a goddess named Mictecacihuatl, Lady of the Dead. Where as Halloween originates from old Irish, Gealic Samhain which mean summer's end. Also the symbols for each celebration is different for example Halloween's symbol is jack-o-lantern, and Day of the Dead's symbol is skulls and skeletons. Halloween is the same as the Day of the Dead in some ways. For example both are celebrated around the same time as the other. In Mexico and the United States, orange is believed to be the scared color. Another way is that children dress up in costumes and ask for candy. Lastly, adults and children particapite in Halloween and the Day of the Dead. In concluison the Day of the Dead and Halloween are the same in some ways but very different in other. They are the by the dates they are celebrated, the color, and the ages that particapate in both celebrations. The differences are how long they last, where they originated from, and the different symbols.
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