Day in Life of a Roman

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I am a citizen of Rome citizen I have lived in Rome all my life. "I live in a single family home with my wife my son and daughter. In my house the windows and balconies faced the courtyard, not the street, to keep my home safe from burglars. There are paintings on the walls and wonderful mosaics on the floor. There is not that much furniture in my home and no carpeting. I have a house with a front door, 4 bedrooms, an office, a kitchen, a dining room, a garden, an atrium, a toilet." (Franco Cavzzi)

"Today I woke before sunrise as usual lit my candle and walked over to the kitchen where my slave had my breakfast made for me and the family"(Bill Thayer) as he usually did. "Usually he made the greatest fish I've ever tasted but to day we just had some fruits and vegetables." (Simon Goodenough pg57) That he grew in the garden out side and they were always amazing. "We also then had bread, which I just, put a little bit of honey and that is always good." (Simon Goodenough pg57)

After my wife and the kids and I ate we all got dressed I put on my "toga and my ring and as always my sandals"(Franco Cavazzi) that I got form my father. I could have also worn a cloke.

My wife wore a "palla with a stola over a palla is slightly different from a toga, and worn in the same fashion and a stola is a decorative garment that is made with color that you put over the palla and she as well was also wearing her sandals. She also was wearing all of her jewelry she had the beautiful pins and gorgeous gold rings and necklaces that were given to her by me for her birthday last year, " (Franco Cavzzi) "My son and daughter wore their tunic and there bullas around their neck." (Franco Cavzzi) when my son "turns 16 he will ware a toga like me, and his bulla will be kept in a safe place and only worn for religious reasons."(Franco Cavzzi)

After we all got dressed my "kids went to school. "I sent them to private school where they would learn to read write and do...
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