Day Chocolate: Global Expansion of Products

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Day Chocolate case analysis

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Table of content

I. Introduction

II. Answers to 5 questions

Q 1: consumer segment

Q 2: factors make Day Chocolate a strong brand
--- a. consumer equity
--- b. marketing mix (4P)
--- c. competitive advantage
--- d. S&W in SWOT analysis

Q 3: future market
--- a. O&T in SWOT analysis
--- b. market trends of chocolate industry

Q 4: what to do next based on SWOT analysis
--- a. strategy proposals

Q 5: where to internationalize

III. Conclusion

IV. Reference list

I. Introduction
Day Chocolate is a successfully operated chocolate making company with a pretty strong brand. The company produced two types of high-quality and tasted chocolate in UK namely Divien and Dubble. After launching chocolates in UK market and successfully obtaining their market position in Britain, the company is now considering to expand their products to other parts of the world and having the confidence of being internationalized. By writing this report, we will analysis why Day Chocolate is such well-performed from different marketing elements (e.g. SWOT, competitive advantage, market mix) and give our opinions on where should they go to realize their internationalization, meanwhile, all 5 questions will be answered.

II. Answers to 5 questions

Q 1: costumer segment

Customer segmentation, also referred to as market segmentation, is the process of finding homogenous sub-groups within a heterogeneous aggregate market. Typically this approach is used in direct marketing to target, study and focus on increasingly well-defined and profitable market segments. More specifically, according to the theory in our text book, 4 segmentations can be divided from various customers in market, they are 1.Demographic (depends on age, income, occupation); 2.Psychograghic (depends on lifestyle, preference); 3.Geographic (depends on countries, regions) and last but not least, 4.Behavioral (depends on heavy, medium and light users). By knowing these theories, it is able to answer Day Chocolate Company’s over-all customer segmentation. From the demographic aspect Day Chocolate do not treat every customer specifically by clearly classifying their age, gender or income. Chocolate as a delicious affordable food are welcomed among different age groups and genders. The acceptance of chocolate does not seem to demographically diversify. From the Psychographic aspect, in recent years customers become more and more concerned with the quality of the food and more interested in being informed of how the food is made, such kind of attitude is a signal that shows an increasing awareness of eating healthy food and living in a healthy lifestyle. This sign has been noticed by Day Chocolate Company and they keep working on making the quality of their chocolates as good and possible. From the respect of Geographic, Day chocolate realize in order to be internationalized, they need to focus more on countries and regions differences, they now has already seen USA and some other countries as the target places. Finally, from the behavioral segmentation point of view, some people do love chocolate very much and their life heavily relies on chocolate, they cannot go to school/work without chocolates in their bag and regard chocolate as their favorite snack! For others, maybe they do not have chocolate that frequently. In a word, Day chocolate need not to be too concerned with the behavioral segmentation, people have their own idea of defining their positions in this case.

Having looking through the customer aspect, it is the time to turn to the very essential part of our analysis of this case study -------- the reasons why Day Chocolate is such a strong brand.

Q 2: factors make Day Chocolate a strong brand

Since it is a very big and board question, sub-questions which are in line with the main question...
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