Dawn News Analysis

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In this era of mega exposure where news is readily available within seconds with the vast choices of mediums and channels, keeping up with the competitors has become an ongoing challenge for all the media organizations. “How to report the news first?” and “How to get more and more viewers glued to our channel and programming” has become the ultimate quest for these media moguls. But when being in this never-ending race, some channels actually prefer quantity of matters over quality of news and some prefer content quality over mere viewership. Such is the case with Dawn News. Dawn News is a subsidiary of Pakistan Herald Publications Limited (PHPL) which is well known and trusted for its prime publication, Daily Dawn; the most read and esteemed English newspaper of Pakistan. Like many other news publications entered the electronic media, Dawn also followed the trail and announced the inception of Dawn News. Its transmission went live on July 23, 2007 as Pakistan’s first ever English Language News Channel. The Channel’s primary mission statement went as:

“Vow to provide its viewers with a medium that is responsible, credible and balanced.”

Working on the above mentioned mission statement, Dawn News did their best to maintain to be RESPONSIBLE in reporting the news, avoiding sensationalism as the Urdu news channels became notoriously known for. They upheld the CREDIBILITY of information they gave that they got in heritage from the Daily Dawn newspaper. Dawn News kept its news reporting as well as discussion programs completely unbiased and BALANCED; mostly keeping a neutral tone rather than tilting towards a particular political power or region. Initially Dawn News, being an English Language News channel primarily catered the urban educated upper tier of population – which is a small niche out of the entire population. Programs were designed to be youth-centric as well as compatible to those on BBC and CNN. 80% of News and Program anchors, journalists and...
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