Davita Swot

Topics: Chronic kidney disease, Renal failure, Nephrology Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: December 4, 2012
DaVita Swot Analysis
Christopher Tracy BBA .41
By: Graham Lawless
June 12th 2012 Olivet Nazarene University

DaVita inc. is the world’s second leading provider of hemodialysis services. Hemodialysis is a replacement therapy for people who suffer with kidney failure. With this therapy people can live a rather normal life, while they wait for a kidney transplant. Dialysis is not a cure, but rather a treatment. DaVita serves about 200,000 patients a year in US where over 500,000 people are in kidney failure. The company owns and operates over 1800 stand alone clinics and is partnered with over 1500 hospitals in the US to provide inpatient services. This analysis will outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to DaVita Inc. A lot of the internal strengths in DaVita have to do with its business standpoints. The company is growing at a healthy rate while revenue is increasing each year. DaVita’s ability to raise capital comes from its strong stock price which trades at $88.72 per share. With this capital it has enabled them to buy out many smaller corporations and position DaVita for a strong run at the world’s leading provider. In the renal dialysis industry there have been a lot of mergers and the ability to grow is huge for long-term success with the way healthcare reimbursement is changing. HRM can help us with the acquisitions of smaller companies, and leading their employees under our umbrella. While DaVita has more strengths than weaknesses it does have its soft spots like every company. DaVita’s main competitor is Fresenius Medical Care which is the world’s leading provider. Fresenius was formed through a merger with Everest and Neomedica in the early 1990’s. With over 2700 clinics worldwide Fresenius is substantially larger. DaVita formed in 2000so it has had less time in the market than Fresenius. Fresenius also has more of a global footprint because it has clinics in over 20 countries. Along with providing the patient care...
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