David s Work Three

Topics: Erosion, Oceanography, Coast Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Two or more erosion caused landforms.
The formation of a stump; a good example of this would be Old Harry and Old Harry’s Wife in Dorset. This erosion caused feature is formed through many processes such as hydraulic action, attrition, corrosion. The geology caused to form this landform is a medium hardness rock; this means there is a medium resistance to abrasive and attritive erosion. The general formation of this landform starts with an opening or crack (weakness) in a cliff side. Over time, due to the abrasive forces, the crack slowly erodes over time and becomes a cave, occasionally a joint is formed at the roof of a cave due to the hydraulic pressures and the roof collapses to form a blowhole. Over further time, the cave slowly erodes through the cliff, furthermore forming an arch. This is mainly due to the further erosion caused by abrasion, possibly even types of weathering such as freeze thaw from the water freezing overnight and forcing parts of the rock apart. The cliff then develops a weakness at the top where it arches, this causes the arch to collapse at the top, and therefore this leaves a stack. Once the stack erodes, it collapses due to a wave-cut notch at the base, this then leaves a stump which can be clearly seen as Old Harry’s Wife. A wave cut platform. This landforms occurs where there is a cliff and there is a certain type of geology; generally a medium hardness with medium abrasive resistance. This landform occurs mainly where there are destructive waves and there is a low tide mark as well as a high tide mark. The destructive waves find a weakness in the cliff and start eroding it (through hydraulic action and corrosion mainly). Due to the continuous erosion, it forms a wave cut notch which starts at the high sea level line and ends at the low sea level line. As the wave cut platform continues to erode, it forms a cave which then due to the gravitational force collapses, this in turn forms a wave cut platform where the debris erodes...
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