David Fletcher

Topics: Partnership, Types of business entity, High tech Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: November 30, 2014
The case study is about how David Fletcher is trying to build a team of research analyst to help him in his work as portfolio manager, running emerging growth fund at Jenkins Fletcher Partners, JFP. A Harvard Business School Graduate, he moved from being from being an analyst adviser, investor ( in different firms) to portfolio manager at a big investment firm where he managed two aggressive Funds so well that he got the reputation of being the top Portfolio Manager of the industry. He had a young graduate working as admin assistance with him, as she learned business fast and in the meantime did her MBA from Princeton, she was promoted to Research Analyst and was very resourceful and helped him a lot. When Paul Jenkins offered him a general Partnership at his private limited Partner firm, he brought her along. His success continued exceptionally well at JFP too. Jenkins called him “Totally dedicated and committed to his Job”. Another Partner praised his steady success saying “David seemed to possess a natural instinct in sizing up the small companies” Due to changing conditions in Wall Street, David had to gain all the information about companies (financial statements, Background knowledge) direct from the companies instead of the phoning 20 – 30 Wall Street analyst. As he had to choose from thousands of high growth companies, it was becoming very hard work. He thought of hiring a team of analyst who would each do in depth research in a particular industry and recommend stocks to David. As Whitney was doing health care and environment stocks, he hired Brian Doyle to do high technology industry stocks. He also hired Rachel Kindred who was in venture capital business and had become a general partner herself. Lately he had also interviewed Donald Fisk, a previous high tech portfolio manager and Mary Robinson a health care stocks specialist.

B1: As David Hired Doyle without consulting anyone in the office and not even Whitney, He proved incompatible...
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