David Fletcher

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Executive Summary
David Fletcher, a heavily overworked portfolio manager of the Emerging Growth Fund at a New York investment management firm, plans to ramp-up a team of research-analysts. He wishes to delegate a part of his workload to this team. The case explores the problems that David faces at various stages of introducing new members in his team. It also touches upon the challenges faced by a typically task oriented person while engaging in a team building exercise.

Is David Fletcher successful?
As an individual, David Fletcher is extremely successful at his job. An economics major and a Harward business school graduate, he started his career as a securities analyst in a New York based brokerage firm. He cut through the ranks in relatively quick time and very soon he was handled the responsibility of two of the most aggressive mutual funds of his time. David continued his stellar performances in these funds even as he took them to 10 times their original/starting value. In the words of his colleagues and close cronies, David was not only a detail and decision oriented person but was also a person who was extremely familiar with the art and the science of portfolio management. In the latter half of his described career, David joined Paul Jenkins to form the Jenkins Fletcher partners where he managed a portfolio of 150+ million US$ single handedly.
David’s performances in the various roles he assumed during his career amply justify his credibility as an individual and as a professional (portfolio manager).
As a team player, colleagues acknowledged David’s acumen in the field of portfolio management. In a way, David commanded respect from his colleagues and superiors alike which is testament to the fact that David was an internal cog in the teams that he worked in.
As a team manager, David’s success is questionable. I wish to analyze his stint at building and thereafter leading and managing a team at Fletcher Jenkins partners to substantiate my

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