David Fincher's Movies

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This is a society where films are over abundant and directors are of plenty. There are few film directors in the past and present that are worth recognizing. It is a true feat for a director to leave a mark in the filming industry. It's a director's personality, character, interests, experiences, and knowledge that influence a film. Daivid Fincher has definetly made s mark in the movie industry with his dark and stylish films, which include; "Seven" and "Fight Club".

Born in Denver, Colorado he was raised in Marin County, Oregon. Inspired by "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", he started filming when he was a kid with a 8mm camera. Instead of going to the traditional filming school, he got a job at John Korty's Korty Films re-loading cameras and doing other handy work. After leaving JKKF he got a job at Industrial Light and Magic were he was entered into his first movie credit of "Return of the Jedi." Most of Finchr's directing style is very dark and eerie, giving off an unsecure environment. "Fincher has created a series of films that are anything but meaningless. His slick and glossy treatment of a dark world frequently garners accusations that his films are shallow experiments in style. It is more accurate to say that Fincher absorbs the fleeting styles and tastes of Hollywood, reflects them, and twists them." (1) When Fincher is directing a film, money is not an object. He will easily drop 50 million on a movie if its necessary to make the movie exactly the way he wants it. He gets camera angles that are nearly impossible to obtain using CGI, also making incredible sets. During post production he anylizes every part of the movie and modifies it to his liking. Also he is not afraid to re-shoot scenes that have already been wrapped up. "I think the movies I make are trifles. They're footnote movies. I'm not making big important movies, I'm not making Bridge on the River Kwai. I'm not dealing with big noble themes. But again, I couldn't imagine somebody...
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