David Beckham -- My Side

Topics: Manchester United F.C., David Beckham, Premier League Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: May 30, 2005
Kristian 9d
Surely "His Side"
David Beckham is the one sports star, who not only is a phenominal player, but is probably the most famous sports icon outside just soccer. It is definetely harder to find someone that has not heard of David Beckham, than someone who has. People occasionaly wonder, however; "Why Beckham? Why is he so famous?" The answer might not be very simple, but maybe it is the combination of a great shot, a fantastic cross, his own Adidas shoe, his changing hair-style, his modeling career, his marriage to the Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (formerly Adams), his big mistake against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup, his England capitancy and him having belonged to the two largest teams in history that make him so popular among the crowd. When one reads David Beckham's autobiography, David Beckham My Side, something that is surely visible and clear, is his igoistic thoughts and life-style.

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born to a middle class house in Chingford, the outer skirt of London. He was born in a family, where sports was already part of the daily routine. His father played soccer, Ted, for a small team in Chingford and his older sister, Lynne, was a very promising swimmer. Since he could stand up, he was already kicking a ball with his hero, his father, before, during and after Ted's practice. David was always eager to come to see his father train, and learn from him. In the book, his mother, Sandra, is found saying "It was clear from the beginning, that David's life would be controlled by football." (Beckham 19). Even as a child, David was a Manchester United fan. He would watch every game that they played.

He joined his first Sunday League team at the age of six, The Ridgeway Rovers. He was a year younger than everyone, and it was obvious. He was always the smallest, whether it was his football team or his class. A year later, a new face joined the family. David was devostated for getting a little sister, Joanne, instead of a...
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