David Beckham's Impact on American Sports

Topics: Major League Soccer, David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy Pages: 11 (4499 words) Published: November 10, 2008
David Beckham is always on the front page of any newspaper or headlined on tonight’s daily news wherever he happens to be. He is a world icon in every sense of the word, adored by his loyal fans world wide in Europe and now even more so in the US. He has been in the public eye more than anyone else in the game, and is now one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. His style is followed by millions, whether it is his hairstyle or tattoos, he was and will always be copied by his loyal fans worldwide. He is undeniably the most famous soccer player in the world now and over the past decade. Beckham started his flight to immortality on July 8th, 1991 as a trainee at Manchester United. As a child he had attended one of Bobby Charlton's football schools in Manchester and won the chance to take part in a training session at Barcelona, as part of a talent competition. He was part of United’s famous 1992 Youth Cup winning side. He didn't make his full debut for Manchester until April 1995 against Leeds United. He spent part of that season on loan at Preston North End. Coaches loved him because he was a dead-ball specialist with a superb range of passing, had amazing vision, composure and a persistent determination to succeed. The composure and determination has not left his side to this day. These are plenty of reasons why any team that has him has an automatic edge and teams on the other side of the ball hate to face him. All of his good fortune had come to him under the budding age of 21. But it wasn’t until the 96/97 season where Beckham would really make a name for himself. One of the most amazing things people remember from his young career was scoring from the halfway line against Wimbledon. This, among other amazing feats, boosted his soccer profile and a great run of performances achieved him the Premiership's Young Player of the Year award. Since that feat, his profile in the sport grew larger. He had quickly become an unlikely fashion icon and along with his amazing talent, his good looks enabled him to become the face for many brands, including Gillette and the hair wax Brylcreem, and he continued to make a lot of money from his image in endorsements alone. In 1998, he was included in Glenn Hoddle's England squad. He scored a long-range free kick against Colombia after being left out of the first-team for the first two matches. Little did he know that the tournament would be costly to his livelihood and for his profile in general. In the next round, he was eliminated after kicking a player on the opposing team, Argentina. England later on went on to lose that game and was kicked out of the World Cup. Many fans from that day on booed him and sent him death threats and journalists made him the scapegoat for England’s loss. He expressed his feelings for a fan who “hoped his (new born child) has cancer” by giving the fan the middle finger and yet again was seen as a bad person until the whole story came out. The abuse that year was horrific. Despite being nominated for both the World and European Player of the Year award in 1999 and winning the BBC Sports Personality and being named captain of his country as well, people still hated him. He was finally able to win over England fans when the qualification campaign for the 2002 World Cup reached its climax against Greece. With England down 2-1 and about to miss out on footballs biggest prize, Beckham's inspirational performance and last-minute free kick ensured that England drew the game 2-2 and made it through. This mere goal turned him from villain to god. He then went on to sign a new contract with Manchester United in May of 2002, which made him then the highest paid soccer played in the world. Not soon after the singing, he and his boss, Sir Alex Ferguson had a falling out and even with winning another prestigious award, in June of 2003, Beckham was sold to Real Madrid for $35 Million that July. To show how popular this...
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