Daughters of Afghanistan

Topics: Afghanistan, Kabul, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Pages: 3 (1269 words) Published: May 29, 2011
Afghanistan is a country where survival is a fight. Poverty, diseases, poor health care, and starvation is an everyday struggle in daily life. If you are an Afghan woman these issues are compounded by the fact that women are seen as being objects. Women are not worth as much as a man. Women in Afghanistan are seen as inferior. Women can be put to death for the slightest insinuation of an insult to a man. These are just a few of the issues that the women and girls of Afghanistan face every day. The sad fact of the matter is that a lot of the hate and violence comes from male family members. Honor killings are allowed in Afghanistan. A woman does not even have to do anything wrong to be killed. If there is any inclination that the woman has embarrassed her family, she can be killed. Women in Afghanistan are very rarely given medical treatment. There are so many obstacles that Afghan women face that the majority of women here in the United States cannot even imagine. I know I cannot imagine being set aside just because I could not bear a son or children. I do not want to even try to think of the violence that these women face if they show any sign of disrespect. Afghan women are seen as mindless broodmares. Not all men see them this way but the majority of the male population does. Many men say that their religion teaches that women are not as smart as men and those women should be meek and obey what their husbands and fathers tell them to do. In 2004 a Canadian journalist traveled to Afghanistan to learn about Afghan women’s rights. The trip ended up being the base for her movie, Daughters of Afghanistan. In the movie journalist Sally Armstrong talks too many women. She listens to their stories of their bravery and courage. In September of 1996, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. The Taliban forced women into their homes. The Taliban would not even allow women to have health care or schooling. An Afghan woman could not even think of asking about...
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