Dating vs Just Talking

Topics: Marriage, Translation, Engagement Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: July 10, 2012
“Dating vs. Just Talking”

We are Dating but not “exclusive”, Just talking with “no strings attached”. Sure we’ve used or heard these terms used a time or two. Amazing how society interprets relationships. Although these relationship styles may have some similarities, they do however differ. Whether using the term dating or just talking you’re still in the phase of getting to know a person un-exclusively just in a different manner. Just talking, (McNealy, 2010)is when you are interested in and interact with a person having no strings attached. In this getting to know you faze both parties, spend a considerable amount of time together showing affection, conversing, walks in the park and even intimacy. Regardless of terminology “No strings attached” is a just a dressed up way of describing a spontaneous casually friendship, where the participants do not consider themselves to be committed but as just going with the flow. This is mainly a term used by individuals whom reap the benefits of an exclusive relationship without adding the responsibilities or commitment of a title (Bishop). Thus, leaving the door open for something more serious if opportunity presented itself, both parties sometimes set boundaries as if they were exclusive giving one the false security of a committed relationship. Hence, you get to have your cake and eat it too. In the book by Josh Harris (46)he states that dating is not exclusive, yet a method that our culture employs to get to know people of the opposite sex. For most, the issue of dating involves romantic desires and even intimacy. “Dating is a tryout course where errors are underlined and sometimes overlooked for future evaluation and consideration of a proposal of marriage (Alex). An engagement however is considered exclusive, because you have made a commitment to seal the deal. Husbands and wives are to become physically intimate as one flesh on all accords. Marriage is a permanent union binding a couple together for life. As...

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