Topics: Marriage, Fornication, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: December 13, 2013
As sex is socially acceptable in this day in age, there are many abstinence speakers who travel around the globe teaching teenagers and young adults of the perils of having sex outside of marriage. The best abstinence speaker I have heard is Brad Henning; in his speech/video, Don’t Take Love Lying Down, he goes into depth on the effects of having premarital sex, and how the consequences outweigh the momentary pleasure.

For myself, I definitely do not plan on having sex before marriage, and I will do anything to hold to that vow I have made for myself. In order to prevent having sex, out of drunkenness, I do not plan on going to college parties, or any of the sort, but since I am planning on attending a Christian college, this should not be a problem for me. Also, if I am around the college campus at night, I will refrain from drinking anything that a college student has poured for me in a cup; it is just not safe, and you have no idea what they have drugged the beverage with. I will not be anywhere with a guy I don’t trust, at night or in the dark, and I’m really asking God to protect me in the near future, as to keeping my body pure, for Him. I will also not wear revealing clothes that are inappropriate, and I will not dress to have a sex appeal; absolutely, not. I think this is tantalizing men, and it is sinful. I will continue to dress modestly, and my appearance should reflect that Christ lives in me. Personally, I do not understand why sex is so pleasurable; I understand God’s meaning behind it, but I think of sex as being painful and just not fun; when I do get married, God-willing, I will understand, but for now, I do not have any desire to have sex, and I thank God that.

The reason for me not planning to have sex before marriage is because first of all, it is against my faith. There are numerous verses in the Bible that state that sex outside of marriage is a sin, and it is immoral. For example, 1 Thessalonians 4:3 says: “For this is the will of...
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