Dates of Indian Astronomy

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Dates of Indian astronomy Texts
-Arun Kumar Upadhyay, Cuttack, (M) 9437034172 1. Reasons of error (1) Racial superiority war- After colonial rule of Europeans, only research in history is to show racial superiority of Greeko-Roman civilization whose successors were these countries-Britain, France etc. (2) Biblical date of creation-( Ussher (sometimes spelled Usher) (4 January 1581 – 21 March 1656) was Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland between 1625–56. He was a prolific scholar, who most famously published a chronology that purported to establish the time and date of the creation as the night preceding Sunday, 23 October 4004 BC, according to the proleptic Julian calendar. Till today, history of world is being fitted after that, though it is well known that earth was created about 4.5 billions years ago and current human species is at least 1.5 million years old. (3) Deliberate post dating of Indian history-Declared aim of Boden chair at Oxford University in 1831 was to destroy Vedic culture so that Indians can be shown light of Christianity. For that, many distortions were done-(1) All kings who started a calendar were declared fictitious, though there are voluminous records of them. (2) Everything in Vedas or old literature was declared to be works f illiterates by persons who themselves were ignorant of those subjects. (3) All Indian texts are considered false. Though entire old history is solely from purāṇas, their chronology is arbitrarily changed. Only Indus valley inscriptions are considered authentic though they have not been read till today. (4) Change of texts and dates-12 examples of British forgery are given below--(1) All quotes from Megasthenes are totally false and opposite to his writings. Palibothri was a town on bank of Yamunā, downstream from Delhi having pillar (Kutub-minar), but it was called Patna. He has described army of Āndhra kings as he had come after them in rule of their servants (Āndhra-Bhṛtya) called Guptas. But he was tagged with Maurya Chandragupta of 1534 BC. He has written as all Greek writers have that India is only country where all people are indigenous. As India was self sufficient in food, it did not colonize any country since 15,000 years (the years omitted, replaced by ‘never’). Then, the first attack was 154 generations before Chandragupta-1 in 6777 BC. At least from that time, Indian history was continuous. But Vedic culture was started with Aryan migration to India in 1500 BC about which no Greek had ever heard in 700-500 BC. (2) Pargiter changed the word 1500 to 1050 years as gap from Parīkśita to Nanda- यावत् परीक्षितो जन्म यावत् नन्दाभिषेचनम् । तावत् वर्ष सहस्रं च ज्ञेयं पञ्चशतोत्तरम् ॥ (विष्णु पुराण, ४/२४/१०४) I.e. 1500 years passed from birth of Parīkśita to coronation of Nanda. Here पञ्चशतोत्तरम् (+500) was changed to पञ्चाशतोत्तरम् (+50). (3) George Buhler fond out the verse of Rājatarangiṇī about start of Laukika era from death of Yudhiṣṭhira in Kali year 25, then omitted it in printed version and claimed it to be his research by changing the verse. Two verses were inserted to shift date of Mahābhārata by 690 years. कलैर्गतैर्सायक नेत्र (२५) वर्षैः युधिष्ठिराद्यास्त्रिदिवं प्रयाताः । I.e Yudhiṣṭhira etc. went to heavens when 25 years passed in Kali. This was changed to कलैर्गतैर्सायक नेत्रवर्षैः सप्तर्षिवर्यास्त्रिदिवं प्रयाताः । This means that in Kali year 25 Saptarṣis went to heavens. This is meaningless as Saptarṣis are always in sky. That was only to facilitate manipulation. (4) Col James Todd broke all inscriptions of Rajsthan kings as none fitted his theory of their Hūṇa or Śaka origin. One of his destruction of Rāṇa Kumbhā’s plate of Kumbhalgarh was detected by G.N. Sharma from Kumbhā’s introduction to his commentary on Gīta-govinda (Indian History Congress, 1951, quoted by Kota Venkatachalam in...

Bibliography: Layard, Nineveh and Its Remains, 1849; idem, Monuments of Nineveh, 1849-53; Botta and Flandin, Monuments de Ninive, 1847-50; Place, Ninive et l 'Assyrie, 1866-69; George Smith, Assyrian Discoveries, 1875; Billerbeck and Jeremias, Der Untergang Nineves, in Delitzsch and Haupt, Beiträge zur Assyriologie, iii. 1 (has valuable maps and plates); Johns, Nineveh, in Cheyne and Black, Encyc. Bibl.
This entry includes text from the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1906.
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Media-From BibleWiki (Redirected from Medes)- They appear to have been a branch of the Aryans, who came from the east bank of the Indus. The "cities of the Medes" are first mentioned in connection with the deportation of the Israelites on the destruction of Samaria (2Kg 17:6; 18:11). Soon afterwards Isaiah (13:17; 21:2) speaks of the part taken by the Medes in the destruction of Babylon (comp. Jer 51:11, 28).
(14) Āryabhaṭa does not know about any of calendars between Kali and 499 AD-Buddha (31-3-1887 BC) or Mahāvīra (11-3-1905 BC), Nanda coronation 1504 years after birth of Parīkṣita (1634 BC), Śūdraka (756 BC), Chāhamāna (612 BC), Śrīharṣa (456 BC), Vikrama (57 BC), Śālivāhana (78 AD), Kalachuri or Chedi (248 AD), Valabhī-bhanga (319 AD-end of last remains of later Guptas in Valabhī of Gujrat. These has been noted by all-
विष्णुपुराण (४/२४/१०४)-यावत् परीक्षितो जन्म यावत् नन्दाभिषेचनम्। एतद् वर्षसहस्रं तु ज्ञेयं पञ्चसतोत्तरम्॥ काञ्चुयल्लार्य भट्ट-ज्योतिष दर्पण-पत्रक २२ (अनूप संस्कृत लाइब्रेरी, अजमेर एम्.एस नं ४६७७)
बाणाब्धि गुणदस्रोना (२३४५) शूद्रकाब्दा कलेर्गताः॥७१॥ गुणाब्धि व्योम रामोना(३०४३) विक्रमाब्दा कलेर्गताः॥
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