Database Threats

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Database Threats
Fundamentals of E-business
August 28, 2011

In this paper I will discuss the different types of database threats. There are ten database threats that a company should look out for. Companies should make certain that they have a team of IT technicians working to secure company data from intruders and keep client information secure as well.

Organizations have worked to reduce vulnerabilities and adapted new technologies to detect and prevent security threats. However, attackers continue to create new and innovative ways to achieve their objectives. As a result, the threat landscape constantly shifts as the attackers identify weaknesses and exploit them through new more sophisticated techniques. Based on the data collected and analyzed the company can observe that the current security threat landscape is predominantly characterized by the following: Malicious activity has become Web-based

Attackers targeting end users instead of computers
Underground economy consolidates and matures
Rapid adaptability of attackers and attack activity
As cyber criminals go beyond mass-distribution style phishing scams, they are learning how to personalize their attacks for better penetration. Malware development expertise is rapidly maturing which provide the skills to exploit the continued weaknesses of poorly configured websites, applications and databases. As an example, the report described an exploit that sends a message from one person to another, about a YouTube video, including a link to the clip. The recipient clicks on the link, sees a prompt to download an updated version of Flash player to run the clip. When a person clicks on the update, it actually installs malware on his computer. Infections can occur even through legitimate web sites. Delivery mechanisms are becoming more sophisticated. Users are unable to detect the threat and cannot deter it. Network managers can block bad sites, but are not able to keep up with the...

References: Imperva, Inc., 2006, Shulman, Amicha
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