Database Security Issues

Topics: Database, Authentication, Access control Pages: 38 (6866 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Database security has been the subject of active research for the past several years. In the last five years, rapid progress has been made in defining what security means for such systems and in developing laboratory prototypes and even products that meet those definitions. However, much more work remains to be done in certain key research areas. This research paper is about the importance of Database Security. What security models are available? How are they essential in preventing unwanted or unintended activities? This research answers these questions. This study is very significant because this issue affects overall computer security. There have been various research carried out by individual researchers as well as other institutions on this topic. The scholars have more or less agreed about my topic, and my paper argues for a better interpretation. For a better understanding of the topic, Database Security entails the system, processes, and procedures used in protecting a database from any unintended activity (Bertino & Kamra, 2007). This study also looks into various security models, security implementation, and their relationship to web databases. Database security can be attained through a properly organized organization of the specifications; however, its uniqueness is not affected. This study covers the specifications. This research also looks into the execution of security methods in a database system that is object oriented. Generally, in computer security, authorization specifications are essential. Authorization manages admission to the system. This study also looks into ways of authorization specification methods that are out there.        

1.0 Introduction
For a better understanding of Database Security, this project defines what database is and what it entails. A database is a computerized record keeping system that involves data, hardware, and software to store data, provide a systematic method of retrieving or changing the data, and the users who finally turn the obtained data into information (Bertino & Kamra, 2007). Databases are essential in that they solve problems dealing with file-oriented systems. Databases are secure, compact, accurate, fast, current, easy to use, and allowed easy sharing of data between multiple users. A database could be simple, for example, a collection of electronic business cards on a laptop, or they can be complex and demanding, for example, an account tracking system employed by banks to manage changing accounts of its customers; it all depends with the use or business. Database allows storage of data and its modification so that it can be easy to store it. Previously, database ran on large and powerful mainframes for numerous applications. However, with the coming of small and powerful personal computers, the databases have become easier to use. Databases have become vital in the design, development, and services offered by web sites. Over the years, databases have been successful in keeping unauthorized individuals from seeing the data. In today's world, there is an increase in the importance of privacy of any data stored. Many people always want an assurance that their data is cannot be accessed. When data is put into the database, it can be encrypted by the use of an encryption password, which is supplied by the user. The password given must be supplied to decrypt the data in any case that the data has been retrieved. As defined earlier, Database Security is the system, Processes, as well as procedures that prevent a database from any unintended activity. Unintended activities could include malicious attacks, authenticated misuse, inadvertent mistakes that can be made by authorized processes or individuals. It is significant to note that Database Security is a specialty within computer security. Over time, databases have always been protected from any external connections by routers or firewalls on the network perimeter. This happens with the...
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