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Course: Principles of Database Systems (CS315)

In the Barclays Premier League in U.K., twenty private football clubs compete over the year in 38 game weeks. Every soccer club is owned and funded by an individual/group and the players playing for that club receive wages depending on their performance, history, etc. We have developed an interface which allows users to create their own team consisting of 15 players across all the 20 clubs. Depending on the performance of players on original field, the different user teams score points and are ranked on the basis of these scores. Certain flexibility is allowed so that the users may change their team regularly as the season progresses and hence, have a better chance of scoring points. The interface also gives information about the league, matches played, player performances, club rankings, etc.

The database consists of the basic entities: player, and the football club. Every player performs for their clubs; they score points according to their individual and team achievements. The users playing our game build their own fantasy team consisting of 15 players (2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards). There is a budget constraint on every fantasy team of a user. The total value of the players in any user’s team should not exceed 100 million £. The user must login to set his team/make changes. Transfers can be used to bring in new players to replace injured/previous players for the upcoming weeks. Any team cannot have more than three players from the same football club. These constraints have been enforced through PHP code. The transfer must take place before the deadline of every game week. All those players who were transferred after the deadline for game week ‘W’ will be effective from game week W+1. After the real Barclays League matches take place, the individual players’ points are...
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