Database Management System

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Arusha, Tanzania

Name of company: Tanzania Union Mission
Contact name and post: Tanzania Union Mission
P.O. Box 1121
Arusha, Tanzania.

Location: The Organization is located in Arusha, Tanzania.It is situated at Njiro road, Plot no 139, House no.51, Njiro Hill, Arusha Municipality. Project Summary: The Project is on Database system mainly focused on introducing an Up-to-date Employee and Church membership Database system aiming at improving efficiency on employees and Church membership records and information searching on this organization. This system will serve the Tanzania Union Mission Headquarters’ in Arusha and all Conferences and Fields which are under Tum all over Tanzania. The system is to serve the TUM work performance, its Conferences and Fields within the Country and local churches while offering employment opportunity to the people living around the place.

Project Duration: Five Years
Project Cost 226,400,000/=

The Aim of this project is to improve efficiency of record system of Tanzania Union Mission for its employees and church members. Tanzania Union Mission is trying its best to keep records for its employees and church members but the organization lack the best way of retrieving the information quickly at a short time instead they use a very long method to search for the information by using their backup Hardcopy files or an Excel application, hence this lead to delay of giving the record at the right time required. The project aimed at implementing a database system to the organization and creating awareness on the advantage of the Database system which will help the organization to improve efficiency on record searching as the organization will use up-to-date technology on record management.

Focus on the problem pointed earlier the project will aimed at improving efficiency on record system to 90% of institutions which are under TUM all over Tanzania by the use of up-to-date Database system so as to improve efficiency on record management at TUM and its Conferences and Fields around Tanzania.

Tanzania Union Mission (TUM )is chosen as an implementing organization in the project, due to that Tum is currently struggling on how they can have a good system to retrieve its Church membership record information at a given time any where around Tanzania. This was observed during TUM year end Meetings which involves representatives from various regions all over Tanzania, where by the members of the Committee vote on establishment of Database System by the year 2013. (TUM report 2012) Moreover Budget has been prepared to reveal the fund and Expenditure within the project as different activities are taking place. The Statements prepared in order to aggregate and summarize the cost information for budgeting. The estimated project cost is THz 150,000/=for the period of 5 years. PART 1: PROJECT CONTEXT

1.1 Background of the Problem
Tanzania Union Mission of Seventh day Adventist Church is one of the largest territory in Eastern Central Africa Division. It Covers the area of 945,203 square km with population of more than 40 million .TUM has church members of 460,098 as 3rd quarter report 2012. of Seventh day Adventist Church work began in the North East part of Tanzania at Pare Mountain in 1903 by missionaries from German. That work scattered to Northern part near Lake Victoria at Busegwe Missionaries from German. The work scattered to Northern part near Lake Victoria at Busegwe Mission which later become the Union Headquarters. Currently the Head quarter is at Njiro Hill, Arusha since 1978.Currently the Organization is looking forward to launch its new project for Church Membership data base system The project is expected to cost THz 226,400,000/=

2.1 Statement of the Problem
The main aim of this...

References: * Mwaitete, Cairo (2012), Project Management [lecture] module, November, 2012. Arusha: Institute of Accountancy Arusha, Arusha.
* Organization structure (online ) Available from(30th November, 2012)
* Project Appraisal {online } Available from(28th November, 2012)
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