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Topics: Relational model, Database, Relation Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: November 19, 2008
Databases are protected from loss by backing up copies to another computer of disk, usually companies use disks called RAIDS which backup the database twice at the same time which is much better than backup to a regular disk. Apart from RAIDS there are a few other ways of backing up as well these are backing up to, External HD, USB, CD/DVD or a fileserver. It sounds like the sporting club administrator might have used an External HD or Backup fileserver to backup the data to his home computer. Databases contain quite a lot of information, companies use databases to store their customer information these could include, health history, personal information, credit card details and Business Expenses. The owners of this information id owned by the customer, and the job of the company are to store it and keep it safe and confidential. The sporting club owns the payment and transactions information. When we look back to the times when databases did not exist, how did all the information get stored? The answer is paper and filing cabinets. Although this method could cause a lot of trouble because if a customer had moved house, the data for them would have to be changed by hand, the staff would have to find the file and change all the forms. If however the information was destroyed like at the sporting club all the data would be lost because backing up would require a lot of staff members writing, so the club would have to begin from scratch.

Now most companies if not all companies use relational databases like in Microsoft Access, and because the information is stored on the computer, if any data is needed to be changed then it can be found in just one click basically, find the record, click on the field and then type in the new data, and if it has a relational Structure then the information only needs to be changed in one form which automatically updates everywhere else. This means that the company doesn’t need so much staff and it takes so much less time. Backups...
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