Database Development Process

Topics: Data modeling, SQL, Business process Pages: 4 (969 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Database Development Process
1. Define business processes
Many database development efforts begin by defining the key business and/or operational processes within the organization
Developers first create high-level models showing the major activity steps associated with marketing, sales, production, human resource management, public relations, research and development, and so on

Taken together, these process maps represent an enterprise-wide model of the organization and its core 2. Determine scope of database development effort
The next step in the database development effort is to select one process or a set of related processes for further analysis and improvement 3. Define the information needs

Once a business process (or set of processes) has been selected, the next step is to define the information needs of users involved in or affected by the business process. 4. Develop conceptual design

A basic understanding of these needs is used to create a conceptual design for the database
At this stage, a conceptual data model is created that illustrates relationships between information sources, users, and business process steps 5. Develop logical data model
The conceptual data model is used to develop a logical data model based on one of the primary DBMS types: relational, hierarchical, network, or object-oriented approaches. 6. Develop physical design

With the logical data model in hand, developers move to the physical design, which involves determining the specific storage and access methods and structures 7. Create and test database
Once this step is complete, developers can go ahead and create the database using whatever DBMS has been selected
Small amounts of data can be entered into the database for testing purposes
This is also the time to start developing sample screens and reports to determine if the database design will meet the predefined requirements
It is much easier to revise and change the database during this testing...
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