Database Design Paper

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Database Design Paper

Juan Diaz


May 2, 2011

Shalini Devi

Database Design Paper
A database is a computerized application that facilitates a structured collection of information that stores, organizes, and retrieves data efficiently. The data is raw units that create the foundation of information for a database application to access, manipulate, and present it in a useful way. A database is implemented and structured according to the needed database model. The models are hierarchical, network, object-oriented, and relational. The most popular and widely used database model was developed by Edgar F. Codd, it is the relational database. Origins of database history dates back to 1960 when computers became cost-effective for private companies, libraries, governmental business, and medical records. One major success for database development was the SABRE system, it was the first computerized transaction processing system built by IBM and American Airlines. According to Sabre Holdings (2003-2010), “The state-of-the-art mainframe system processed 84,000 telephone calls per day. The initial research, development and installation investment in this system took 400 man-years of effort at a development cost of almost $40 million” (1960’s, para. 1). Database Architecture

Database Architecture is the physical arrangement of a database. Developed from mathematical theory and structural models, database architecture is built on the use of query language and database management systems (DBMS) principles to exploit data storage arrangement and organization. According to Gray (2004), “Database system architectures are undergoing revolutionary changes. Most importantly, algorithms and data are being unified by integrating programming languages with the database system” (Abstract, para. 1). Database architecture consists of three levels or views; 1. External View – External schema represents data as a...

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