Database Assignment

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BCO 1102 Information Systems for Business
Database Assignment
Sunway- Kuala Lumpar
Semester 1, 2011

The database assignment is divided into two major sections. The first requires you to develop a database in Access 2007. Imagine that this is a prototype that will have four tables and some basic features such as forms, reports and queries. The second part is documentation that is used to describe the database you have produced to the client who has requested the database. In this latter Microsoft Word 2007 document you will have a covering letter to the client and then approximately two or three pages of technical documentation that describes the basic features of the system you produced. Case Study

Products Table|
Code| Description| Price|
STA| Standard Kool Air Conditioner| $ 199.00 |
SUA| Super Kool Air Conditioner| $ 259.00 |
RAC| Really Kool Air Conditioner| $ 325.00 |
MAC| Basic Model Air Conditioner| $ 159.00 |
EAC| Executive Model Air Conditioner| $ 439.00 |
PAC| Lightweight Portable Model| $ 309.00 |
Imagine that you are a developer of small PC applications in products such as Microsoft Excel and Access. You have been approached by a business called Qwik Kool who manufacture air conditioning systems. Quik Kool only manufacture air-conditioning systems and all sales to retail customers are made through independently owned retail stores. There are (8) retail stores located in Australia and Malaysia. Qwik Kool sell six products as outlined in the table below. Qwik Kool have asked you to develop a database application using Microsoft Access 2007 to keep track of sales made by the retail stores. Qwik Kool has recorded sales, customer and store details in Excel. One of your first tasks is to transfer this data currently in an Excel spreadsheet into Access. Your second task is to create a table for Products in the Access database and to enter the data. The database you...
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