database architecture

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Database Architecture
DBM/380 –Database Concepts
September 9, 2013
Sandra Graca
Database Architecture

Database systems are a way to collect and store large amounts of data. Essentially, database are electronic filing systems that store raw data to be later retrieved as useable information (Skillport, ). Using such a tool simplifies the filing and storage of all sorts of information used by businesses today. A common type of database is a customer/inventory database. Different tables store customer information, past customer orders, inventory counts and distributor information and then this information can be cross-referenced for following inventory pathways. For example, the customer table will have a primary key which is individual for each customer. This key can then be referenced by the customer order table which maintains order history for all customers. The products table can use the same process to access inventory counts and/or supplier information. All of this data is stored separately, but used in different ways. It’s more efficient and more secure than a normal filing system. According to Wingenious (2005),

“The database architecture is the set of specifications, rules, and processes that dictate how data is stored in a database and how data is accessed by components of a system. It includes data types, relationships, and naming conventions. The database architecture describes the organization of all database objects and how they work together. It affects integrity, reliability, scalability, and performance. The database architecture involves anything that defines the nature of the data, the structure of the data, or how the data flows” (Introduction). Depending on the type of architecture you need, there are many choices in software for your Database Management System (DBMS). For small businesses where fewer than 50 users need to access the database and where data can be stored at a centralized location, the best...

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