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Data Warehouse Concepts and Design
Data Warehouse Concepts and Design1
Jarir Bookstore – Applying the Kimball Method3
Summary from the available literature and Follow a Proven Methodology: Lifecycle Steps and Tracks4 Issues and Process involved in Implementation of DW/BI system5 Data Model Design6
Star Schema Model7
Fact Table10
Dimension Table:11
Design Feature:12
Identifying the fields from facts/dimensions: MS:12
Advanced business analytics techniques -- optimization, data mining and regression14 Optimization: Creating Distributed Tables15
The Data Mining Process16
Data Mining Tasks16
Analysis of the given data in the excel17
b. Data mining19
C. Regression Analysis:21
1.Degenerate dimension and how is it used. Available from:: 7.Role-Playing Dimensions. Available from:

This analysis report explains how the Kimball method to architecting and building data warehouses using an Organization’s and how the system works for a real time multinational organization with MS Parallel Data (PDW) Warehouse. This report also shows as to how one would incorporate this MS data warehouse product as a tool for the business analytics and data warehousing solution. The system makes use of the Kimball’s method. Herein, an introductory overview of the method is given and the key principles have been discussed and applied for the organization. Three different dataset are taken and the discussion is based on how a hypothetical organization – a bookstore, for instance would use such data. The case study is presented as to how a hypothetical bookstore will utilize the data warehouse. The Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) system architecture has been explored and discussed along with its alignment with the Kimball’s method. The important best practice have also been recommended and the weak point which one must avoid while developing and designing a large-sized data-warehouse using MS SQL Server PDW system. It comprises of Parallel Data Warehouse, together with the new Business Data Warehouse offering enterprise-class data warehousing solution. (, n.d.) Abbreviations

MS: Microsoft
DW: Data Warehouse
BA: Business analytics
BI: Business Intelligence
DB: Database
EDW: enterprise data warehouse
ETL: extract, transformation, and loading
IT: Information Technology
PDW: Parallel Data Warehouse
SQL: MS Sequel Server
Data Warehouse, Business Analytics, MS SQL Server, DW, ETL, Business Intelligence, PDW, MS Access, Data warehouse design, data warehouse tools
Jarir Bookstore, based out of Saudi Arabia is about to embark on a project to implement a data warehousing solution alongside the formation of a business analytics department at its corporate headquarters at Riyadh. The data is sourced from an online repository from Google.

I have prepared a report for the organization, including the following areas: 1 Outlined the data & information that would be available to the organization. In the report I have summarized the organization’s geographical, operational and product/service terms. 2 Summarized from the available literature, especially from the MS sites for MS Access and SQL Server that what is meant by ‘data warehousing’ and how it can be used in conjunction with the data & information identified at point ( 1 ) above. 3 Provided an overview of the issues and processes involved in the implementation and adoption of the data warehouse. 4 Illustrated how three separate advanced business analytics techniques (such as optimization, data mining and regression) can be employed by the business analytics department, to inform organizational decision making, once the data warehouse...
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