Data Ware House Technology

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Bashkor Biswas

Data Ware House

Data is the raw materials of any information system. With the revolution of Information Technology we are improving our decision making process more quick and smart. Data warehouse technology is the process of collection, sorting, structural formation, analysis, storing and presentation of data. So we say that data warehouse is the technology is overall data management system in the organization. In today’s business world we are facing huge competition. To secure enough profit we have no other way but to make most accurate decision quickly. We take decision on the basis of information WE HAVE. So to take accurate decision accurately it is a pre requisite to have a smart system which can – * collect sufficient relevant information

* store and deliver data quickly
* analysis & present data accurately

To solve the business need of those data management requirements a technology evolve which is known as data warehousing.

How does it works?
Data ware house technology has a system of extract data from operational system, these data then stored on historical snapshot basis. Data warehouse technology then classified those data into some cluster. Those data then puts in several copies with back up. Those data from various point then kept together to deliver quickly for the right & relevant user. Stored data in data ware house are periodically refreshed with continuous data from the operational data base.

The current data ware house leaders by revenue are IBM, INTEL. ORCLE, MICROSOFT , NETEZZA, TERRDATE. All those mega vendor are facing competition with other mega vendors. There are so many establish vendors like this mega vendors are also emerging. So we should realize that with the increasing demand new and existing vendors are increasing their capabilities of service.

Vendor| Big Data Revenue (in $US millions)| Total Revenue (in $US millions)| Big Data Revenue as Percentage of...
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