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First of all my innumerable thanks to Almighty ALLAH for blessings and guidance at every stages of my life. It is a pleasure to convey my gratitude to people who rendered contribution in assorted ways to this project. In the first place I would like to express my deepest thanks to my supervisor, Pramita Sree Muhuri, lecturer of my university for her valuable co-operation & supervision, much encouragement and suggestions throughout the progress of this project work. I am expressing my gratefulness to Mr. Md.Khaliluzzaman , Head of Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) for his kind co-operation in my department and also he gave me chance to choice project based on my performance of last 4 years studies and along with it he is the appropriate teacher to me.

Finally, pardon me for unintentional error and omission.

April, 2013
Imtiaj Uddin Ahamed ID: 08530101

The main theme of this work is to develop Service Support Management System which can be efficient for any system. It can save time & resources, make the system economical, reduce the number of workers, space being used and also work load. The main objective is maintaining the data security in data processing in this software. I also focused here how this software can be user friendly. Less time will be taken to process the data. This will help to do more jobs in less time. The System will be much more easy to use and the operator will feel no difficulty.

1. Introduction:
In the digital world the automation systems are closely related with us. It can be software System or hardware system, in software system, if the system be decorated for an organization, than it reduces the cost, time& human resource for that organization. Service Support Management System module is to log and render timely support to the clients after sales. The module helps to meet the demand of clients by providing them the facility to access information and answer to the service request. By implementing this module the customer is supported by round-the-clock service by us. This feature facilitates all necessary information and solutions the clients required to help themselves, anytime and anywhere.

1.2 Objective:
The main objective of the application is to automated the existing system, some steps are given below * The clients can log the support call , these calls can be assigned to the respective site engineers. The site engineers view all calls allotted them. After the call is attended and addressed, ability for site engineers to capture the call information available in this module. * Furthermore, customer can view this product information, support agreement and support call status. Any spare part required for this call can be requested by the site engineer. The service management module also allows creating service invoice and spare part invoice. * Periodically update the solutions based on customer suggestions & feedback. * Gain a complete view of customer service request history.

1.3 Feasibility Study:
In Feasibility study stage undergone through various steps that are described following: 1. Identify the source of the information at different level. 2. Identifythe hopeof user from computerized system.

3. Analyze thedrawback of existing (manual) system.

1.4 Working of present Manual System:
The employees of the organization are involved in the following tasks. Client Support Process: The clients can log the support call, these calls can be assigned to the respective site engineers.

1.5 Drawbacks of Present System:
Some of the problems being faced in manual system are as follows: 1. Fast report generation is not possible.
2. Tracking a client request is difficult.
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