Data Entry Service Provider

Topics: Business models, Value added, Internet Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: October 9, 2010
As technology is in a rapid pace of advancement, companies have to adapt to e-commerce in order to survive in the marketplace. My e-business proposition is a Data Entry Service Provider (

Industry Analysis
Basically, my e-business acts as an intermediary between multiple companies and regular people seeking for a job either it is part-time or full-time. The market for data entry jobs is quite broad and growing by each day.

Mission Statement
The mission statement for my Data Entry Service Provider is providing companies that require our services an error-proof, high quality of work and also a secure-proof business.

My business is an error-proof business because all the people that were selected, they will receive an e-book guiding them with an easy step-by-step process in which they have to key-in the data. The data has to be key-in into a data form that has been provided by our Data Entry Service Provider.

High quality of work is attainable because we only select people that are really serious and committed to the job. They have flexible working hours and as a result, work productivity and quality is high because they are working at their leisure time.

This is a secure-proof business because we do not accept spammers and only recruit people that are serious. This e-business is certified and runs a genuine business that companies need not worry about security issues. We emphasize on the importance of keeping and storing the data of companies confidential to the public eye.

Value Proposition and Benefits Offered
There are thousands of thousands data entry jobs available on the web but most of it is full of scams. What differentiate Data Entry Service Provider to other data entry jobs are the value we provide. Our added value that differentiates us from most companies in the same e-business line is that we are internationally certified and the company is registered.

Although we charge...
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