Data Dictionary for Proposed System

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Data dictionary for proposed system
1. Process: Accommodation and services
Name| Accommodation and services|
Description| Provide customer details and get accommodation and other services to the customer. System will provide confirmation details regarding reservations and tour organization. Provide dying and other events handle details to the customer. | Input Data Flow| Customer and reservation details, Booking of dining/ conference or event details, Check in details, Check out details, Business centre receipt, Tour information, Reservation status, Agent registration details, Customer and reservation information| Output Data Flow| Availability and rate, Allocated room details, Business centre usage details, Customer details, Event booking details, Reservation and booking details, Confirmation of agent registration, Advance payment receipt for booking| Process| BeginRegister customerMake reservation or bookingConfirm reservation and bookingSend availability detailsRequest a tourSend tour details to tour organizerSend a confirmation detailsEnd|

2. Process: Procumbent

Name| Procumbent|
Description| Make a request from suppliers about goods and get confirmation. Then send confirmation details to the management and do the payment for goods.| Input Data Flow| Quotation details, Delivery and payment receipt, Goods in stock information| Output Data Flow| Request goods details, Order confirmation and advance payment details, Payment details, Delivered goods details| Process| Check goods in storesRequest goods from suppliersGet quotation detailsOrder goodsDo the paymentsSend delivered goods details to the Goods Details fileEnd|

3. Process: Tour management

Name| Tour management|
Description| Get information from customers and send those details to the tour organization. Then provide confirmation detail to the customer and do the payment to the your organization| Input Data Flow| Tour information, Tour guide registration details, Acceptance details of tour, | Output Data Flow| Allocated agents details, Confirmation of registration, Guests tour information, Tour details, Tour guide information| Process| BeginRequest a tour Send tour details to the tour organizationSent the confirmation details Do the tour paymentsEnd|

4. Process: Payments

Name| Payments|
Description| Customers do the all payments regarding their services from the hotel and tour organization.| Input Data Flow| Payment method details, Advance payment details,| Output Data Flow| Payment details, Payment receipt, Payment Information, Advance payment receipt| Process| BeginGiven payment methodDo the paymentProvide receipt detailsEnd|

5. Process: Employee management
Name| Employee management|
Description| Enter all employees registration details and give confirmation detail to the employee. Provide work schedule information, Payroll Details to the employee.| Input Data Flow| Employee details|

Output Data Flow| Employee registration confirmation, Payroll Details, Work schedule information, Employee information| Process| BeginRegister employeeAssign work taskEnd|

6. Process: Report generate

Name| Report generate|
Description| Generates reports regarding customers, employees, payments, goods status, tour handling and etc. And provide those reports to the managers.| Input Data Flow| Accommodation and services details, Employee information| Output Data Flow| Status of goods, Generated reports|

Process| BeginGenerated reportProvide them to managersEnd|

Date stores
1. Customer file

Name| Customer file|
Description| Send customer registration details to the file| Input Data Flow| Customer details|
Output Data Flow| |
Data Structure | Customer_ID+c_name+c_address+c_contactNo+c_NIC+reg_date+guide_ID(FK)|

2. Employee file

Name| Employee file|
Description| Send Employees personal details, salary details, and...
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