Data Communication and Networks Research Paper

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Social network aggregation Pages: 31 (5867 words) Published: June 1, 2015
Rabia Khan, Suriya Gharib, Nargis Munir, Syeda Roshana Ali Naqvi, {suriya_rehman, nargismunir198, r.ali_naqvi}

With the advancement in internet technologies
a new concept for socialization emerge called
Online Social Networks, that provide the user
with facility to interact with people around the
globe. This interaction provides many
constructive features but some negative
aspects also exist. This paper describes the
concept of privacy in Online Social Network.
First, various privacy threats are explored and
brief description of these threats is provided.
Then, different models, related to the
management and detection of privacy issues
are explored and a tool for the detection of
privacy violation is also discussed.
Online Social Networking (OSN), privacy,
threats, Trust evaluation, Data reachability
model, PROTOSS, encryption, malware

1. Introduction
Online Social Networking (OSN) has gained a
great popularity across the globe. It allows
millions of users to produce and consume the
data. Online Social Networking has extended
the boundaries of communication. Millions of
users access different sites at a time and share
their personal interests. In the recent years
growth of online networks has offered a vast
range of opportunities to communicate and
share resources and which consequently has
raised privacy and security issues. These
issues become prominent in areas of managing
personal information while communicating
with desired contacts. By accessing Online
Social Networks privacy of various users is
threaten. Multiple of users provide their

personal information on various sites that may
attract the attackers and these malicious users
grasp their information which is misused by
them later. This personal information is leaked
through poor privacy setting. Many on internet
do not have accurate control over the privacy.
Even those websites that ensure the safest
privacy settings include some loopholes that
result in several privacy issues.
Social Networks also include involvement
of API (Application Programming Interface)
for third party to develop applications that
may run on the specified networks. If users
access these applications then the users
indirectly allow third party to access their
personal data. Third party domain service is
also used by several networks that may
maintain a track of user’s activity and also
allows the partners to access and aggregate the
data of users for commercial benefits. Many
users have no concern that what they are
exposing on the social sites and attackers
make use of these sites for attack of victim’s
identity. In this survey, we focus on the
privacy aspect of Online Social Network.
Different privacy issues are discussed. Model
and tools are also provided to refer the privacy

2. Online Social Network
Online Social network define a social
structure of individuals, who are related to
each other on the basis of their common
interest e.g. friendship, trust, etc. [1].
Social networking sites are recognized as
Online Social Networks (OSNs) such as

Facebook, Tweeter, CyWorld, and MySpace
because they allow an individual to have his
own social networks, in which he may
develop a new relationship with new people or
to maintain connections with their current
contacts [2].

2.1. Definition




A social network describes entities and link
between them. The entities are often
individuals and they are connected by
personal relationships, interactions and
information flow. [3]
A social network is a social structure made up
of a set of social actors (such as individuals or
organizations) and a set of links between these
actors [4].

2.2. Information collected from OSN
Two types of information can be collected
about a user from an Online Social...

References: (ISIEA2011), Langkawi, Malaysia, September
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Research Sciences and Advanced Engineering
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