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Data Analysis
First Part Personal information: including the participants’ gender, age, educational background, marital status and monthly income. Gender
As Figure 1 showed, there were 45% of female participants and 55% of male. The numbers of the participants of each gender were very close.

The respondents were all my friends on Facebook; as the result, the majority (73%) of their age was in the range of 16-20, as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 1: Gender of participants Figure 2: Age of participants

Figure 3, Figure 4, and Figure 5 shows the educational background, marital status, and incomes per month of participants. Since the chief participants were from 16-20 years old (73%), the majority results of participants’ educational background is junior college (95%) and average incomes are less than 18,000 dollars every month (84%).

Figure 3: Educational background Figure 4: Marital status Figure 5: Monthly income

Second Part
Facebook user behavior: this part started to ask the respondents some questions related to their preferences when using Facebook and information about their friend list on Facebook.

Duration of using Facebook
In the first question, Figure 6, there was 55% of participants have been using Facebook for 1-3 years, 38% of participants for 3-5 years, 5% of participants for more than 5 years, and 2% of them have only been using it for less than 1 year. It indicated that more than half of the participants have been Facebook users for 1-3 years.

Figure 6: Duration of using Facebook

Motives of using Facebook
This question was designed as multiple choice, they can choose up to five options. In Figure 7 showed what are the functions Facebook users can use. It also indicated the factors motivate users to use Facebook. The top two main motivations for students to use Facebook were following people’s status (139 entries), contacting with family and friends (120 entries) following by using Facebook to kill time (94 entries) and stating their feelings (88 entries). By contrast, there were only 14 people whose motive of using Facebook is to write blog.

Figure 7: Motives of using Facebook
Frequency of using Facebook
The question asked about how have do the participants use Facebook. According to Figure 8, the vast majority, almost eighty percent, had chosen “many times a day” (79%). The second most option is “once a day” (18%). By contrast, there were only 1 percent of the people using Facebook either “once a month”, “once a week”, or “twice a week.”

Figure 8: Frequency of using Facebook

Friends on Facebook
There were three questions asked the participants information about their friend list. Table 1 shows the number of friends participants have on Facebook. According to Table 1, most of the participants have friends among 201-500 people (39.33%), following by 501-800 people (25.33%). Among their friends on Facebook, 54% of the participants indicated that not all of the people are acquaintances in real world, and 46% of the participants are acquainted with all the Facebook friends, as showed in Table 2. Table 3 provides the information about the number of friends on Facebook the participants are not acquainted with. As seen in Table 3, most participants had chosen “11-20 people” (42% / 20 entries) and “more than 100 people” (21.25% /17 entries). By contrast, there were only 7 people who chose “51-80 people.”

Numbers| Entries| Percentage|
201-500 people| 59| 39.33%|
501-800 people| 38| 25.33%|
101-200 people| 21| 14.00%|
801-1000 people| 13| 8.67%|
More than 1000 people| 12| 8.00%|
Less than 100 people| 7| 4.67%|
Table 1: The number of friends on Facebook

| Yes| No|
Do all of the people who you agreed their friend requests are people you know?| 81(54%)| 69(46%)| Table 2

Numbers| Entries| Percentage|
11-20 people| 20| 42.00%|
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