Data Collection a Daily Delight Case Study

Topics: Customer service, Customer relationship management, Marketing Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: August 30, 2013
[“Data collection a daily delight” - Main business intelligence & data warehouse concepts]

1| * Internal structured data from more than 40 sources including fund management, lending, human resources and treasury feed into St George’s new data warehouse.| 2| * The bank uses these data to help decision making in marketing, customer service and the other strategic business areas data from the warehouse is turned into information. * “Customers who change their name or close individual account s and open a joint one, are an example of potential sales leads for home lending and other products.”| 3| * The data warehouse of St George bank supports the integrated data among different departments * Data from different departments can be accessed freely * Integrated data from the data warehouse is more beneficial and creates more opportunities and BI for all departments (1+1=3) * “Most departments extract what they need from the warehouse using customer relationship management and BI applications without intervention.” * “They have access to all the data, can create their own filters, their own campaigns.”| 5| * Good data quality is important to St George as the bank relies heavily on event-based marketing (a process that demands accurate data gathering and substantial analytics). * Especially, bank customers’ data is private and sensitive so needs to be maintained accurate all the time.| 6| * IT department is not just one important department for the success of business intelligence of the bank. * The data fed into the warehouse helps IT department to better service the needs of the bank’s internal customers such as sales and marking departments. * However data warehouse which is managed by IT department act as an important source of the bank’s business intelligence.| 7| * Technology is just one portion of the business intelligence and the first thing needed for the success of the business intelligence is culture...
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