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Topics: Aztec, Mexico City, Mesoamerica Pages: 5 (1707 words) Published: October 28, 2013

Period 7 DBQ

The Aztecs:
What Should History Say ?


A. This document describes how although all narratives about the people and cultures begin with the arrival of Europeans too much credit is being given to their “discoveries” because before the Europeans the Native Americans (Aztecs) were doing the things the Europeans claimed to be doing first. The Aztecs came up with a way of living and a way of doing things before the Europeans did. Before the Europeans arrival the Aztecs had already created a powerful Empire.

B. Document B shows and explains the Calendar stone that the Aztecs used to keep track of time. There was two ways this calendar was viewed. One way was the “counting of the days” known as the tonalpohualiu which was a 260-day cycle used to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge. The other way was called the xiuhppohualli, which was the 365-day solar count or “ counting of the years”. This way was used to keep track of seasonal festivals. The calendar stone was also used for offering your sacrifices to the sun god.

C. This document gives an example of how the Aztec warriors had a reputation of being relentless and passionate fighters. The document shows a map of the conquered lands and the only way the Aztecs came into possession with these territories was by coming together and using their strength and power to receive what they earned.

D. This Document is of the Priest Cuahtlequetzqui speaking about the day God appeared and created the place called Tenochtitlan.

E. In this document it is said that their was a saved account of the Aztec History that was burned because the Lords of Mexico affirmed it. The Lords of Mexico (referring to the Aztec King) declared he didn’t want people to know the pictures of what was once Tenochtitlan because after the Spanish conquest everything was lost and the land was destroyed. He didn’t want his people to see it as a lie since everything there once was, was now gone.

F. This document clearly represents two images. One of the settlement of Tenochtitlan and its smaller sister city Tlatelolco. The other image of a model reconstruction of the Great temple and the Ceremonial precinct of Tenochtitlan.

G. Document G is a very detailed explanation of every thing they did to an Indian that performed a sacrifice ritual. This document goes into the category of religion because sacrifice rituals were for the Gods.

H. This Document is a written impression of sacrifice ritual of a seventeen-year-old Aztec scribe. It explains how he/she was so amazed and felt pride by the enemy warrior. This seasoned warrior which changed from a human into a God was someone everyone treated like a family’s most prized possession during the whole year that lead up to his sacrifice. He is given every luxury possible. Everyone was hypnotized by him and many people become so close to this living god that by the time the year has passed everyone is saddened to see him perform his sacrifice in public.

I. Document I discusses that every prisoner was sacrificed by Motecuhzoma and Chihuacoatl. The way they performed this sacrifice was by cutting out each of the prisoners hearts and raising it to the sun, then threw them into the shrines for the Gods. This sacrifice began at midday and ended at night-fall. Two thousand three hundred men were killed and the entire temple was covered in there blood. This document can fall into either category.

J. In this document it questions how historians have tried to explain or understand Aztec Human sacrifice. There is a couple of different interpretations which include political purposes, religious acts that come...
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