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Topics: Genetics, Family, Disease Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: October 17, 2014
DNA analyzing has been playing an increasingly role in the medical field. Genetic diseases’ rate is progressively growing but with the new technology, doctors are able now to reduce that high rate by using new invention. For example, with DNA analyzing doctors have the ability to reorganize the genetic disorder to make it better. Furthermore, now they can catalyze human body’s cells to produce a healing or therapeutic substance that could control the disease instead of fighting it. In another point, when couples decide to have a baby DNA database like that would be their beneficial recourse for them. However, getting married with relative or affective person of certain condition without premarital genetic screening would lead to more genetic diseases in the coming generation. The doctor has the ability to product the possibility of basing the disorder to the child when both of the parents are carrier or affective. Overall, databank like that could help the entire humanity to be aware about their own family history. Based on that family members who are carrier of affective would be enables the person to avoid triggers at the surrounded environment. In addition, if pharmacists could know about individual patient’s DNA information, they could’ve prepared special description for each patient based on the information, which they already had. Database in which kept all human beings’ DNA samples would assist doctors and pharmacists to decrease the percentage of genetic diseases by using this great technology.

DNA significantly helps scientists and detectives throughout history in different circumstances. First of all, recording to some statistics there is over 53% convicts their cases has been closed without sufficient evidence, but after the DNA technology over 75% of them has been solved. In details, detectives were able to identify murderer by analyzing the DNA that was found in the crime scene. In anther cases, some of the suspect has proven innocent after he...
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