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Next Generation Mobile Analytical Instruments Palm Nuclear Magnetic Resonance System (PNMR) University Research & Entrepreneurship Symposium April 1, 2010 Dr. Marcus Semones

WaveGuide Corporation
WaveGuide is an early stage mobile analytical instrument company building a suite of next generation handheld (i) infrared and (ii) nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers for portable use in multiple untapped markets. WaveGuide’s business model: •Acquire exclusive worldwide licensing for existing handheld infrared spectrometer technologies for placement into large unrealized markets (to be licensed from defense company already earning $MM revenues from its existing products); •Acquire exclusive worldwide licensing for disruptive nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer technologies to commercialize next generation handheld instruments (to be licensed from Harvard’s OTD).

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Overview

NMR is a phenomenon which occurs when the nuclei of certain atoms are immersed in a static magnetic field and then exposed to a second oscillating magnetic field. Basic components of a NMR System: •Magnet (largest component) •Sample coil •RF transceiver a) water in a magnetic field B0 b) excitation (top) and reception (bottom) phase in NMR

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Overview

State of the art NMR Relaxometer (bulky stationary bench top unit) Basic components of a NMR System: •Magnet (largest component 120kg) •Sample coil •RF transceiver (requires ~100 mg’s of sample) •Cost ~$140K Bruker minispec mq series

Silicon NMR Radio-Frequency Biomolecular Sensor
Components of the PNMR (0.1 kg) System: •Magnet 0.56 T (ping pong ball size) •Sample coil •RF transceiver IC (0.18um CMOS) Advantages of PNMR System: 1200 x lighter at (0.1kg) 1200 x smaller footprint 150 x more spin-mass sensitive 1400 x production cost reduction Highly sensitive RF transceiver was designed to compensate for the small magnet’s weakened signal

Applications NMR...
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