Dashain Assignment MGMT and Hum XI

Topics: 2060s, Culture, Sociology Pages: 1 (472 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Happy Vijaya Dashami, Deepawali and Chhath 2069
Vacation Assignment
Management and Humanities Stream-XI
Solve all the HSEB questions (of taught chapters) from 2060 to 2068 in A4 Size paper. Compulsory English
1. Write a critical essay on 'Change in the pattern of Dashain Celebration over the years' in about 300 words. 2. Narrate the most special event that you experienced during this Dashain in about 250 words. 3. Write a few paragraphs on 'Some Creative ways of spending Long Holidays'. 4. Write an essay on 'Culture: Our Identity' in about 300 words 5. Write a critical essay on 'Student - Teacher Relationship'. Business Studies

What is business? What are the various form of business? Which form of business do you like the most and why? Make a presentation on that firm with process of legistration, advantages and disadvantages. Also describe the reasons for the failure of business form in Nepal. g]kfnL

@)^& / @)^* ;fnsf] p=df=lz=k= k|Zgkqaf6 af]w, lgaGw, cg'R5]b, a'“bf l6kf]6 / ;+If]kLs/0f k|Zg k"/f ug]{ . Mathematics
1.Solve all the HSEB questions (of taught chapters) from 2063 to 2068 in A4 Size paper. 2. Solve first term exam questions papers.
3. Solve all workout examples of text book.( of taught chapters) Computer
Solve all the HSEB questions of taught chapters from 2063 to 2068. Sociology
1. Sketch the relationship of sociology with other social sciences. 2. How can you say that sociology is the science of society 3. Explain the various branches of sociology.
4. Explain the various branches of anthropology.
5. Discuss the nature of sociology
6. How anthropology is related to psychology?
7. Mention the feature and function of culture.
8. Differentiate material and non material culture?
Sketch the function and role of any organization (I/NGOs, CBOs) in your locality. Major English
Read any two novels of your choice and write a critical...
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