Dash Akol Analysis

Topics: Stuttering, Western culture, Iran Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: November 24, 2008
Hedayat’s ‘Dash Akol’, was later on made into a movie in 1972 by . There are very subtle differences between the story of ‘Dash Akol’ and the movie of ‘Dash Akol’. Yet, the major difference was the new character of **, the dancer. Some of the subtle differences include, Kaka stutters and this is a known and accepted fact in the story yet in the movie he does not. Also, Dash Akol in the movie drank only tea and wine while in the story he was known to “down a bottle of vodka”. Dash Akol in the movie was present during Haji’s death while in the story he was not. Haji also had other children other than Marjan in the story but in the movie there was no mention of them. In Shiraz people began to lose respect for Dash Akol as he disappeared and dealt with Haji’s estate and affairs in the story, in the movie he kept his respect. The movie concentrated mostly on the feud between Kaka Rostam and Dash Akol rather than Dash Akol’s love for Marjan as in the story. In the case of Kaka Rostam’s stuttering being left out of the movie was probably because of aesthetic reasons. It would be awkward to hear Kaka constantly stuttering and would possibly take away from the meaning of his lines. Yet, one may also argue that the stuttering should have been included because it would have been more authentic to the original story. Hedayat as an author made Kaka Rostam stutter and this from, Hedayat’s point of view was important enough to write the character this way, therefore it should have been included. I believe that , changed from the original version of the story and made Dash Akol not drink vodka or heavily, because Dash Akol only drinking wine and not being a drunk added to his character of being a hero. Haji’s other children were left out of the movie, in my opinion because they did not add or take away the story in any way. Therefore * removed them to focus the story on the main child of Haji that was important, Marjan. A lot of the changes from the literature to the movie...
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